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XLineSoft PHPRunner Enterprise 8.1.24916 Retail


XLineSoft PHPRunner Enterprise 8.1.24916 Retail

Thank you in advance. A: After doing some checks, that is now my final answer. I first noticed, that through all the data that was in the folder, even the full folder names of the files, were going ahead. This was my first hint that something was not right. After some more tests, I found out that the checksum of the file was right as it should be. It is not wrong. I could not find a solution for this problem, and while writing this, realized that this issue could be the cause for a second problem of mine. But that is for a new question, that I will ask in a new question. Q: WPF TouchListBox inside a canvas is not dragable I tried using a CustomTouchListBox class to implement a touch (drag) listbox. Here is a snippet from the custom item: [TemplatePart(Name = "PART_TouchListBoxHeader", Type = typeof(ThinSpaceItem))] public class ThinnerSpaceItem : FrameworkElement { public ThinnerSpaceItem() { } private FrameworkElement _container; private VisualCollection _children; private FrameworkElement _header; public FrameworkElement Container { get { return _container; } } public VisualCollection Children { get { return _children; } } public FrameworkElement Header { get { return _header; } } public override Size MeasureOverride(Size availableSize) { if (Size.IsValid) { return base.MeasureOverride(availableSize); } else { return Size; } } protected override Size ArrangeOverride(Size finalSize) {


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