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A: Log your submit code on your end before you submit your form. You should get an error message giving you a closer look at the form. Follow KDKA-TV: Facebook | Twitter PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — The U.S. Steel Tower on the South Side received a new look Friday night. The 80-year-old tower is usually home to the TV station newsroom at South Side Works, but Friday night we got to enjoy the “late night” time with a special 30-minute tour of the steel structure. We got to see the inside of the tower that’s home to KDKA-TV’s news team. But first, we were introduced to the tower’s unique view, otherwise known as the “Iron Eye.” It’s a term used by local enthusiasts to describe the distinctive shape the tower makes when viewed from the outside. U.S. Steel founder Edgar Stecher designed the tower in the thirties to house not just offices for manufacturing but an observation deck. One of the areas that has undergone an upgrade is the observation deck on the 107th floor. TV editor Scott Brace had some words of praise for the modern look, “This is the perfect time, it’s like having the office here, get up on a weekend night and look out of the eye.” KDKA-TV news anchor Scott Cohn also helped paint the picture of what it looks like on a typical KDKA-TV news day. “Sometimes at the 6, 7 o’clock, in the morning, we’re sitting here with our legs crossed around each other, with all of us talking and all the news is right on top of us,” he said. This innovation is especially important for the news team to stay agile, and Cohn says it’s a key reason why the news team enjoys working from the office. It’s a chance to have eye-to-eye contact and a quick hop over to Facebook or Twitter. “Having people here allows us to communicate. Even if you are not on air or live, we know that you are watching us and maybe listening to something we have to say. So, it’s a great connection,” Cohn said.


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