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The BlueTurtle skin is a monochromatic color themed skin for Trillian. The original idea was to make a skin that flowed from element to element and was very user configurable. Requirements: ■ Trillian Basic or Trillian Pro









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BlueTurtle: For those days when you want to be calm, relaxed, cool, serene, beautiful and positive. I have made this skin with simplicity in mind, that is why there are only a few possibilities to customize the skin, i hope you will like it. BlueTurtle Features: ■ OPTIONS ■ Skin Loading ■ OPTIONS ■ Skin Loading ■ OPTIONS ■ Skin Loading ■ OPTIONS ■ Skin Loading ■ OPTIONS ■ Default Network Settings ■ OPTIONS ■ Default Network Settings ■ OPTIONS ■ Default Network Settings ■ OPTIONS ■ Default Network Settings ■ OPTIONS ■ Animated Logo ■ OPTIONS ■ Animated Logo ■ OPTIONS ■ EWS Activity Notifications ■ OPTIONS ■ EWS Activity Notifications ■ OPTIONS ■ Mute Option ■ OPTIONS ■ Mute Option ■ OPTIONS ■ Mute Option ■ OPTIONS ■ Notifications about users who messaged, ------------------------Description------------------------ (For those who have very long descriptions that should not exceed more than a few lines) I think tiai is giving the skin a really bad name. Wth so many features and no use of the space! If I want to configure a network, or change a single line of color, I have to go to a totally separate tab! Also the option to change a single line of color is completely useless. If you change your favorite color, for a single instance of a color, there's no option to change it for the rest of the skin! ------------------------------------------------------ There should be no "ignoring" or "frowning" options under "exceptions". You shouldn't remove functionality that someone could need, then give them very limited options to customize the rest of the theme. * If one thinks that the new lang version of the client will be back in the next days they should have already read the whole changelog instead of just "ignoring" my concern. * It is of great importance to note that new lang version is not in the forum yet but in the next days it should be in the forum. * The fact that i'm not in Belguim and never will be is of no matter.

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- Overlay the chat window with a new overlay - Replace standard emoticons with turtle emojis - Turn off the the translucent background - Provide a user configurable skin to replace the existing theme colors - Replace default background colors Download and install: - Modify settings.xml file for Trillian Basic, or follow install instructions for Trillian Pro - Modify skin directory (optional) - Set icon and title (optional) FAQ: - Why is my skin larger than my other skins? - I see some orange/purple lines on the skin. Can I turn those off? - Will you make a version for Windows Mobile? - How do I get the animated confetti effect? - Is my skin compatible with Windows Vista? - If my font has hard edges, why? - Why do my background colors have alpha values? - I don't like having lines on my chat window. Can I turn them off? - Can I change the theme's settings file? - Does my skin just replace the default colors, or does it actually contain the actual theme colors? - Why do some of my my settings have different names than on the website? - The skin won't work! Thanks to everyone who sent questions! I will try to answer your questions soon. Also, if you have any interesting questions, ask away!Q: How to check if a Facebook user likes a page I'm building a public page that displays the friends of the current user who like the page. Is there a way to check if a user actually likes the page they just wrote a post in? A: Facebook does not currently have that functionality in place, though there are a couple of workarounds you can do. The first would be to send them a custom Friend Request with a reason like "I want to see who will like my new post", which will in turn list all the people who responded to the custom request. However, a more elegant way to do this would be to gather all the friends that posted in a response to your post. You can do that by giving your post the_fb_like_action parameter, which returns all of the friends who commented on the post: get_template_part('single/comments'); That will return a page that looks like: Next 2f7fe94e24

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Inside a tiny Blue Turtle shell is a very small Blue Turtle. BlueTurtle is a cuboid-colored skin. It is a skin that is very user configurable and easy to use. In short you set the theme for your skin and its color scheme. There is a mode switcher that you will use to configure the different modes. A different shell will be used for the different modes. The Transparent Mode: When the skin is in the transparent mode, the shell is transparent, the left pane color is transparent, and the right pane color is transparent. The background can be changed by settings. It is the default mode. The Smoky Mode: When the skin is in the Smoky mode, the shell is opaque, the left pane color is darker than it should be, and the right pane color is the same as the left pane color. The background can be changed by settings. The Mod Mode: When the skin is in the Mod mode, the shell is opaque, the left pane color is the same as the right pane color, and the background is the default background of the skin. BlueTurtle is a skin that can be used with a mod. The mod adds different modes to the skin. You can change to mod mode by pressing the mod button at the top right corner. From there you can choose and configure the different modes with one or more widgets. Additionally the mod has a special skin mode that helps you edit skins easily. It is the mod mode. What is a mod and how to install one? There are two types of mods: The modders mod and the normal mods. a modders mod can be installed into the mod mode of your Trillian skin. From there you can customize the mods to your taste. All the mode-widgets can be customized through the modders mod. When you are finished with the mods, you can launch the modders mode and delete the mod. To do this you need to uninstall the mod, delete the file that has the extension modders and launch the mod mode again. This is the clean way to use the mode. a normal mod can be installed into the normal mode of your Trillian skin. From there you can customize the normal mods to your taste. The normal mods are just scripts that you can use to customize your skin. The script uses the settings to change the appearance. If you are going to customize the

What's New In?

■ Dark blue ■ Anaglyphic mode ■ Bright white ■ Bumpmap size 128 x 128 ■ Scalable, configurable, and faster than the default skin ■ Support for Trillian Mailers as the skins and all components are now open source software ■ A new cartoon looking lizard named Fred. ■ The various elements of the skin are easy to swap and configure ■ Only contains Skin elements ■ Widgets are not configurable. ■ Supports the following themes: ■ Novel Theme ■ Dark Blue Theme ■ Seville Theme ■ Icons Theme ■ Interface Theme Contact: ■ PeerPulse ■ Trillian is free software. This is a free theme and a free skin, and you can download it without paying anything. In fact, it can be downloaded for free. ■ If you like this theme, it would be great if you could leave a testimonial. Thank you. New themes are usually announced here on the original theme page. Theme Name: ■ "Starfighter" ■ A distant theme with a star fight feel. ■ If you like this theme, it would be great if you could leave a testimonial. Thank you. Trillian is a free peer-to-peer software based on XMPP that can be used as an instant messaging client. An IM client can be used to communicate with one or more users over the Internet. What is Trillian? Trillian is a free, peer-to-peer (P2P) instant messaging client based on the XMPP open standard. Trillian is free software, with a BSD license. An instant messaging client can be used to communicate with one or more users over the Internet. Trillian is completely open source, with no patents or other proprietary restrictions, so you can download and modify it free of charge. Trillian 2.2.1 and older Trillian offers a wide array of communication features, including conversations, aliases, groups, buddy lists, voice, and more. More about the features is available here: Trillian is based on Jingle, the open source instant messaging protocol and is distributed by


System Requirements For BlueTurtle:

Mac OS X v10.6 or later, 1GB RAM Minimum system requirements are a 1GHz processor, 16MB of RAM, and Mac OS X v10.5 or later Purchase your ticket today. If you'd like to become a PBS Digital Classroom subscriber, subscribe for as low as $3 a month with just one television. Get 30 channels of programming! See more information about how to join


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